Thursday, June 17, 2010


This little motherfucker here just made me cry. Here's why... I was feeding this furry bastard here then suddenly right, he just ran off and hid under the wheel. I poked him but he wasn't moving. I panicked. I removed the wheel and he was there, with his eyes wide open. I checked to see if he was breathing... He was... I poked him even more. He still didn't move. I even use a pencil and poke under him. He still wasn't moving. I PANICKED SIA. I was like MUMMMMM!! MUMMM. Then as i told her and showed her... I started crying... I WAS SO SCARED THAT SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN TO HIM T.T My mum told me to leave him alone for awhile... When i walked away, he slowly started to move... My mum say he kajiao me only... WTH!!

My eyes now feels so dry x.x Now my mum is super worried for me :/ Cuz she say my hamster like that i already cry until like that... Then what if people i love die? LOL. I seriously don't know lah... Which is why i would either die earlier or the people around me will live forevaaarr! Yayy!!

and don't you scare me like that ever again hor, fatty!! I love youuu xD and my itunes was on shuffle, then i click play. The first song was CALIFORNIA GURLS. YAYY. Sippin gin and juice~ Laying underneath the palm trees, undone~

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