Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wow. Converse shoes with Katy Perry on the sides... x.x

Anyways! Yay! 900 pictures of Katy Perry liaw. Gogogo! Anyways, there's a new picture of Katy Perry upskirt. LOL. If you're intending to tell me, you don't have to... I saw it liaw. But if you didn't know about it... Well, here you go. It's not hard to find it actually. It's like all over the Katy Perry's fan create de tumblr~ They don't seem to mind. One of them said hello to it somemore -.- Weirdos. LOL! Anyways, Katy Perry fans are refered as KatyCats! YAY. I'm a KatyCat... Meow?

And the picture above! See the shades! I told you she had that! Same as the one i bought leh. Hoho. And i still haven't got the Green Day Rockband x.x Why the fcuk must it be so exp... Sianzx.

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