Friday, June 18, 2010

If i could

If i could have any superpower, i would want the power to become invisible. Because then, i can travel to wherever you are and protect you. I WON'T LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE HURT YOU. At the same time i can admire your awesomeness and your prettiness xD I will go and "haunt" all those people who criticize you. I will destroy them. If anyone dares to make you unhappy or sad, i'll destroy them too. I'll clean up your house for you. I'll iron your clothes for you. I will wash your dishes for you! I would do anything for you. I'd rather bear with the pain of seeing you with Russell Brand then seeing you cry if he leaves you. I love you!

Lol. Pardon me... :/ Tomorrow going out with Ghimmy! Should really be going to sleep now but i wanna listen to songs first! Oh and every morning when i wake up, i'mma watch the California Gurls video :D I shall see you in my dreams wifey! Goodnight.

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