Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the show on tv now is so retarded...

HELLO. If you're wondering why no pictures from what i did on 14 june, it's because it's with fatimah! I don't have it naozx. So have to wait ^^ So now i'll just post whatever i havve in my phone~
Sorry for the bluryy imagee. I was laughingg xD
This is what i do when i'm boredd and i have a permanent marker.. WAHAHA! I'm tempted to draw all over myself x.x FUCKINGDESPERATEFORATATTOO!
Okay anyways on 14 June de morning went to PEPPER LUNCH to eat with my mum and bro! My mum likes pepper lunch and since its her birthday then go eat with her lohh. LOL! And the table number was 22!! OMG. And before that when we were walking there, heard the song Starstrukk. Just nice heard the part where Katy started singing ^^The number 2 and Katy Perry is following me arounddddd
Then my mum pushed the timing foward so i had time go to over the sentosa to find the others!! Shall further elaborate on that when i get the picturess~ And wearing a jacket on the beach... Hmmm. INTERESTING. LOL!
And this is the food i had just now! Like damn lots sia! Thankyou kenny goh for treating me the nugget!!!

20 piece leh! We share larh of course. Honestly speaking, i have never bought the 20 piece nugget before. LOLS BYE

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